Diorama / Battlfield

in other words "tank village" for RC tanks

Diorama based on the radio controlled tracked machinery is the result of ideas of the one of members. The idea was devoted on the christmas event in winter 2017. The unanimous voting took up whole course. Place of the determination was the site of The Museum of Slovak National Urprising. Jaroslav Kršiak became the reprsentative of the whole project dealing with headquarters of SNU. Subsequently, the pickaxe and the shovel imposed the official ceremony and were used for surface working on terrain. The formal beginning and performance of diorama ́s constructing took place on the 29th of August 2018 regarding SNU ́s celebrations as well as the 6th year of the day for modellers. There has been great public ́s acclaim just as representatives of museum. The project has been served not only for official events under the auspices the club „Sto tankov“ but for the general public by fixed conditions.

What is the diorama ́s origin?

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The Slovak Record

We were succeed in breaking the slovak record

Oslavy 75. výročia SNP

Eighth year of the day for modelers


Discover our diorama and try your ride