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Welcome to the website www.stotankov.sk

We are the club for modellers included members in the whole Slovakia with central office in Banská Bystrica. Mostly, we probably focus on models of radio ́s controlled tanks in scale 1/16 from the Second World War. There is a wide range of the modern technology, such as wheeled vehicles, fast cars, shipping vehicles, lorries, heavy lorries, flying models,- helicopters and drones. Modellers are available with great amount of experience from beginners to specialists. We are friendly team, everyone is free to come and take a look at our performances. We organize the presentations of tanks ́ battles. The great achievement was reached in 2017. That ́s why we made the slovak record in the number of tanks participating in the one place. 5000 spectators are witnesses of this act. In addition, we build up the diorama of battlefield for RC tanks. Children and youth are interested in taking apart much more. We have been embodied in events:

Celebrations of SNU in Banská Bystrica, The Night of Museums and Galleries, Celerations of International ́s childrens ́ day in the town Banská Bystrica, The meeting of generations in Kalište, Holidays ́ bedtime stories of Banska Bystrica (2017), Village ́s days - Lučatín (2018), Radvanský deň (2017) ...

From history:

The first term of the Day for modellers was produced by long-time cooperation of Jaroslav Kršiak and Stanislav Ďurík concluding working with SNU Museum at sociable events. The event succed as for presentations of modellers from the whole Slovakia including Czech modellers at its 70th anniversary. It was the first time, where the drone DJI Phantom and other interesting models have being launched. These attractions have been premiered during ceremony. Showings performed were launching pad with reflexion to next years. Cooperation and participation was enriched in new next members. They make a contribution of presentations of their art and models. The activity is escalating to the top of the record ́s achieving. The name ́Sto tankov pre Banskú Bystricu“ in 2017 and obtaining ́The Club for modellers- Sto tankov ́ has been greatest success so far ( including website : www.stotankov.sk) ́.


Firstly, that ́s necessary to know, people like RC tanks ́ activity are similar to you, they are fans and collectors of RC tanks (it is no secret company) and it isn ́t difficult to join. The club doesn ́t have any strict requests for new members. The membership in the club is voluntary, as well as club ́s leaving. There is one conditions of owing at least the one model due to remote control used by his holder for showings and training. The members of club make commitment to support these evens of their participation:

  • The Night of Museums and Galleries,
  • The day for modellers of Banská Bystrica taking place for celebraions of SNU

There is the club ́s website www.stotankov.sk, of funding 5€ once a year of every member. The fee is paid every May in the year. The participation in planning job has been obligated for every member in following conditions : at least 8 hours of daily working in the terms of diorama ́s battlefield modification as for jobs organizing more times a year. Every member of the Club has been undertaken the speaking highly of organization, propagation and activities of the Club.

As a member in a club you will get most of the features below:

  • Exhibition : You can exhibit your tank on exhibitions, events and other club ́s meetings.
  • Relations : Meeting new people – tank men with same hobbies.
  • Battles : Participation on the organization of RC tank ́s battles.
  • Workshops : Useful group ́s learning and building workshops for members.

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The Slovak Record

We were succeed in breaking the slovak record

Oslavy 75. výročia SNP

Eighth year of the day for modelers


Discover our diorama and try your ride